Study: Synthetic Marijuana Use Not Caught by some Drug Tests

Spice is not picked up by regular drug-testing kits. This is something that the general public doesn’t know. So….if you drug test your employees and they smoke Spice, they’re going to show up clean. The same goes for people on probation, athletes, military….. The test need to be specific for Spice.

The Daily Drug

By Dawit Haile

According to the White House Office of National Drug Control Policy, more individuals are beginning to use synthetic marijuana because the substance is not detected by some drug tests. Making synthetic marijuana a drug of choice for those on parole or probation who want to continue to use drugs.

Researchers tested a sample of young men who are in the D.C. parole and probation system, and found 39 percent of them tested positive for synthetic marijuana but were able to pass a traditional drug test.

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