Driver Of Crashed Bus Admits Drug Use

Not only are people who smoke Spice a danger to themselves, they are also a danger to those around them. Businesses that drug test their employees don’t realize that regular drug test kits on the market don’t pick up Spice. The test has to be specific.

CBS Las Vegas

LAS VEGAS (AP) — Police say the driver of an empty tour bus involved in a chain-reaction crash that injured 12 people admitted smoking synthetic marijuana before the wreck.

Police say they’re investigating what role Spice, speed and rain may have played in the 5:30 p.m. Sunday crash involving the bus and at least five other vehicles near The Boulevard mall.

Twelve people were treated at nearby Sunrise Hospital & Medical Center for injuries that authorities described as minor.

Witnesses say the bus plowed into vehicles at a red light and then ran into a light pole.

Witnesses kept the driver at the scene until police arrived. Police Monday identified the driver as 45 year old Ray Lussier. Police say because he, too, was injured in the collision, he has yet to be arrested. But he has already been cited for DUI drugs with accident.


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